Elliott Heads SLSC runs an active and popular Junior Activities (or “nipper”) program for children aged 5–18. Nippers is one of the most successful children’s development and sporting programs in Australia, and at Elliott Heads we’ve nurtured thousands of youngsters into lifesavers, leaders and competitors through the program. Nippers is focused primarily on participation and fun, with activities including surf safety, board paddling, board rescue, beach activities, basic resuscitation and first aid. Each age group progresses through a surf education framework relevant to their age. The program also aims to develop skills in leadership and teamwork, and as children get older they may be eligible to attend statewide leadership development programs. The Elliott Heads SLSC nippers program runs on most Sunday mornings from the last weekend of the September/October school holidays through to Easter. The program starts at 8.30am on Sundays to avoid the hottest part of the day. Eligibility: Open to children aged 5-13 years (age for a season is calculated as of midnight 30 September). Costs: The current membership fee is $30 for U6 and U7, and $100 per child from U8 upwards.  Please note children cannot join on their own and must have a parent or guardian active or associate member. Membership fee for an associate or active member is $100. The Elliott Heads SLSC also applies a family cap of $300 membership. In addition a board levy is also applied to enable children to use club boards. Board levies apply from U9s and up and are $30 for U9 and U10 and $40 for U11 and up. How to sign up: Each season the club runs sign on days at both the Fairymead Pool and at the beach. These dates are advertised prior to the season commencement. Children can still join nippers later in the season by contacting the Junior Activities Coordinator or Registrar. For more information, please contact the Junior Activities Coordinator via email [email protected] For the latest nippers news read the May nipper newsletter here

Adult programs

We offer training and assessing for a range of surf lifesaving awards, including:

  • Basic Resuscitation
  • Bronze Medallion Prerequisite: minimum age 15 years at date of assessment
  • Surf Rescue Certificate Prerequisite: minimum age 13 years at date of assessment (patrol under supervision and for parents wishing to assist with water safety for nippers)
  • Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) crewman certificate Prerequisites: minimum age 15 years and Bronze Medallion
  • Silver Medallion Inflatable Rescue Boat (IIRB) Driver Award Prerequisites: minimum age 17 years, marine licence and IRB Crewman Certificate

Other Advanced Awards are offered through the Surf Life Saving Academy, such as:

  • First Aid [AID]
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques [AID]
To find out more, head here to see our club calendar.

Beach Safety

Learning about beach safety is a key part of lifesaving, whether this is as a nipper or a patrolling member. By clicking on the links below, you can learn about rips, general beach safety, and a few facts about facilities available at or near Elliott Heads SLSC. Want to learn more about beach safety or find out how you can extend your lifesaving skills? Head here to see our club calendar.

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